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Let’s Think About How We Will Operate in the Changed Tourism Dynamic

We are all facing a challenging period, but at the same time we have a unique opportunity to look at the future and what we need to do to prepare ourselves and our companies for a changing travel industry. Tourism will return, but how people look at travel will certainly be different. Tour operators, attractions, museums and DMOs will all have to adapt to the new dynamic with Domestic and FIT travel leading the way during the recovery. Post COVID-19 group travel will have a need for more individual experiences, while social distancing while on guided tours will remain an important factor. Now is the time to take steps for the future and Vox is here to assist you with our 20 years of experience in the business and future proof tools that will benefit your organization.

Give us an hour of your time by attending one of our webinars presented by ex-Insight CEO John Boulding and lets start a conversation. Together we can do this.

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