Tour Guide Systems

Special Offers

Special Offers


The ability to practice social distancing on a guided tour will be a deciding factor in which tours people will select in the future. No matter how small a group, everyone will want to spread out for more comfort but still be able to hear their guide.

With this in mind we created a special offer* for tour guides. Purchase or rent your Vox tour guide system on convenient terms, so you are ready to meet and exceed your client expectations once they return. Contact us for details.

*New clients only, up to 50 radios.

Sign up for your Vox Connect trial

Free Vox Connect trials start in July 2020 so now is the time to familiarize yourself with this new technology. Try it out with colleagues or friends to see what it can do for your future tours.

Smartphone solutions for a changed travel industry

In the post Covid-19 period many people will look differently at how they travel so we expect an increase in the need for individual experiences and self guided tours.

Now is the time to prepare for the recovery and our team is available to discuss personalized solutions for your particular company or organization. Vox believes in the future so we are offering to create these solutions for you without the need of an up front investment. We will take the financial risk so there is none for you.
Contact us for details and let’s start the conversation.